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of collecting at least $5,000 for the sherlach family. >>> advocates for gun control are hoping that the actions of newtown is enough to spark debate. >> reporter: i'm kristin fish other capitol hill where today about 200 people marched to the nra headquarters with this message. >> let's stop all the assault weapons. >> i'm here because i'm tired of lighting candles and crying and praying for victims of violent crimes. and i want to do something. >> shame on the nra. shame on the nra. >> reporter: but mid march they hear this. >> arm the teachers, arm the principals. >> reporter: arm the teachers, arm the principals the man is saying. three days after the second worst school shooting in american history, the debate over gun control wages on the sidewalks outside the largest gun lobbying group in the country. >> perhaps the answer is to allow teachers and principals and other people to defend themselves. >> i can't believe that more guns and guns for everyone is the solution. >> we'll be back. >> it's unacceptable when you see these faces. shame on all of us if we're not doing something about it.
. >> i'm urging congress to take action, stop playing games, and let's move on. >> reporter: frustration has boiled over for bob packer, a small business owner. >> i'm disappointed and angry. if they were my representeddives, i'd certainly vote them out of office. >> on tie mitchell of brokering a deal is waning. >> we do have a chance, an outside chance to get this done. >> we need two words. presidential leadership, on not just taxing rich people. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers are calling on the house speaker to call house republicans back to work. >> bring the house back now. show up to work. >> reporter: the speaker has ordered republicans back on sunday but democrats want them to return sooner. both sides are blaming each other for the lack of compromise. democrats say house speaker is boehner is holding all the cards. >> the speaker of the house has got to allow a vote. he has got to allow the full house to work their will and get it done. so far he has been unwilling to do that. >> reporter: in the final hours and days before the end of the year, bob packer knows this tim
lawmakers take action on deficit reduction in the next few months and that more tax revenue could be involved in those discussions. but republicans are furious at that possibility. >> i'm willing to support revenue to deal with this problem. the overall problem. but what i will not agree to is using revenue to replace spending reductions. >> reporter: even if the senate frawfs deal by midnight the house still has to pass the measure before the president can sign into it law. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. >> even if it takes a few days to finish lawmakers say the cuts will be made retroactively but for federal employees they could go to work on wednesday not knowing if they will be sent home. if those automatic spending cuts kick in, there might not be enough money to run their agencies. kristen. >> reporter: the words that i keep hearing over and over are us from straight and confused. people are very frustrated with all this uncertainty, congress, and even the phrase fiscal cliff. at the same time people are confused and very concerned about what going over the cliff is
, very good job. >> reporter: this is live it, learn it in action. >> live it, learn it is a nonprofit organization in washington d.c. that creates rigorous academically focused field trips for students with some of the high e needs. we want to make sure -- highest needs. we want to make sure students are connecting with the real world. >> of. >> reporter: in the end plan approved, but there is one more thing. >> well, we actually did need picnic tables. >> reporter: prop solved. they spent the -- problem solved. they spent the afternoon be those picnic tables today at the maintenance yard. >> these benches are actually going to be used during the inauguration. what do you guys think of that? >> yea! >> i wanted to be an actor, but a park ranger would be my second choice. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >>> just a short time ago president obama and the rest of the first family flipped a switch on the national christmas tree illuminating d.c. for the holidays, part of a star studded show that's still going on. >> it is very nice looking. >>> coming up tonight
a garden and all of it and now it's nothing. >> reporter: you see this root action? >> see how gnarly that looks. this thing actually looks like something in a sci-fi. >> reporter: weeks ago howard cut the stuff to the ground in his yard. it is already back. the first day you'll see the shoot come out of the ground and by the fourth day it's over 6 feet. >> reporter: howard is not nearly alone. bamboo grows between houses through fences and spreads like cancer to the next unlucky yard. sometimes it even gets through concrete and foundations. residents cut it down to make trellises and gates, but there's always more where that comes from and now mount rainier is considering a ban to make it illegal to plant this stuff ever again. >> a nonindigenous species of anything is just an aberration and be that fish or flora or fauna. it doesn't belong here. >> reporter: he's very much in favor of the ban even though he knows it's not going to do him a lot of good. he doesn't need a ban. he needs a bulldozer. in mount rainier, scott broom, 9 news now. >> over, my. he sure does -- oh, my. he s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5